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You have come to the right place for help, expert advice and professional quality construction of your new project.

We have a team that takes great pride in what they do and end up with a result that you can be proud of.

  • Landscaping

    Stewart Contracting can accommodate all your Landscaping needs. We are totally flexible and can organize your project from start to finish as a ‘one stop shop’, or to whatever you require.

  • Earthworks

    We have the expertise, machinery and attachments necessary to complete all your earthworks as required and our team is well versed & extremely experienced and competent to handle any of these machines.

  • Fencing & Gates

    Stewart Contracting can help you with your ultimate fence design and construction. We can also manufacture & custom design a Gate/Gates for you and include a full automation system, if required.

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About Us

We have a long running & successful Landscaping Business situated in North Canterbury, offering an awesome "stress free" and a "one stop shop" Landscaping experience for you. Starting a project, be it little or be it big, can be quite a daunting process and our aim is to make it as undaunting and as enjoyable for you as we possibly can.

Over the years we have successfully helped create & build lots of different projects for many private customers, Housing Companies, Developers & Local Councils, anywhere from just Prep/Construction work, right through to full Landscaping.

Whether you are needing a full new home development or a makeover or renovation of an existing area we can help you with our wide range of services to suit your needs & budget. We have an awesome computer programme which shows you 3D pictures of your project to give you the confidence that what you are wanting is what you will be getting. We are always ready & look forward to your call to discuss your project.

So call us now for expert advise.

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